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i don't profess to be an expert about food and nutrition. but i have learnt through trial and error (and extensive reading) what sort of things are best for me to eat, and what things my body processes well. i eat a 'low carb' diet (about 50-100grams a day), and am inspired by the primal/paleo lifestyle, raw foodies, and other brilliant healthy living bloggers.

the influence of dr bernstein has been really important to me - reading his book diabetes solution was a great turning point in my diabetes care. and although i don't follow what he says to the letter, i've taken lots of his wisdom and transferred it to make it work for my life. and i've seen much better sugar levels since then...

i write my own food blog too, so you can see some of my recipes and things i eat on a daily basis. it's called not just apples, and writing there has been such a pleasure these past few years...

here are some of the recipes i've published to juvenile diabetes so far:
black bean chocolate cake
breakfast egg and vegetable scramble
ricotta buckwheat pancakes
diabetic ice cream
dark chocolate mousse recipe
diabetic chicken salad
roasted orange recipe

i've also started a series of diabetic menu plans, which i hope will be fun for you all to check out... they contain recipes, a list of things i've eaten in the last week, exercise i've done and what my control was like for each day. let me know how you like the series by leaving a comment at: weekly menu plan #1.

and here are some more posts i've written about diet:
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