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hello! thanks for stopping by my diabetes blog...

my name is alissa and i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in september 1998, when i was 11 years old.

i created this blog in april 2006, as a way of connecting with other diabetics out there, as well as sharing some of things i was going through and things i have learnt after all this time of managing the big D. it's been a fantastic tool for learning more about living everyday life with juvenile diabetes, and helping me to transition through difficult periods of change.

in february 2011, i had my second ever severe hypoglycaemic attack, and from that point onwards i have been motivated to move onto a lower carbohydrate diet and add regular daily exercise to my routine - my dream is to get my hbA1c below 6 mmol/l...a true mark of good control, i think.

since starting this new way of life i've already seen great improvement in my blood glucose levels and control, and i have a greater hope for the future and avoiding horrible diabetic complications. woohoo, and long may it continue!

i figured it out! i gained control!
check out my food blog, not just apples, for more on what sort of food i've been eating - i post recipes and tasty looking food photographs, so do stop by if you have the time!

and in march 2011 i started a youtube channel; an easy way for me to share tips and diabetic recipes with you all, as well as hopefully inspire other type 1 diabetics to follow a healthier lifestyle and take control of their diabetes.

in the autumn of 2011 i published a diabetes breakfast recipe book called healthy breakfast recipes - which is full of my favorite low carb and low gi breakfasts. the book contains no sugar and no white flour, and has a lot of gluten free options, as well as ways to include fruit and veg in the morning time.

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thanks for stopping by! and feel free to ask me any questions you may have... that's what i'm here for ♥

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