Monday, November 21, 2011

infusion set failures and sites

hi everyone! hope all is well :)

as i'm sat typing this i have another high sugar level. they've been mostly up for the last few weeks, and it was starting to irritate to the point where i just had had enough and rang my diabetes nurse.

you see, when i got back from Australia, i had perfect numbers. like seriously perfect. i wasn't afraid of my blood glucose testing kit and the numbers it would offer, because i just knew they'd be good.

well, the last few weeks, despite eating right, getting in good exercise, and generally just doing things exactly the same, i've been going up and down like a yoyo, with no other explanation than my infusion sets not working properly - seriously, i've thought through all other logical explanations.

my family were getting annoyed even. "wouldn't it be better if you were on injections?" was a phrase that passed over quite a few lips.

so, i rang my nurse, Mandy, who very wonderfully reassured me that i've been using my abdomen for far too long. i've worn it out basically, and need to find another option, so i can see if it will heal.

she suggested my thighs - and so today, for the first time, i inserted into my upper left thigh! i thought it would hurt loads, but the 6mm Sof-Set seemed to do a pretty good job - apparently i have more flesh there than it feels like i do :)

i made sure to get the tubing under my underwear and to have it facing the right way when i put it in - i avoided that rookie mistake, thanks to tudiabetes, and i hope i won't pull the thing out at any point. so it's sat pretty nicely under my leggings at the moment, whilst i'm sat typing. it seems like it ought to work pretty well, and i'm looking forward to trying it out!

after reading a few forums, it seems like the outer thigh is a good option too, as is the upper abdomen and arms. i've only ever used my upper buttocks and lower abdomen, and i'm pretty sure i've got some seriously bad scar tissue that may not ever heal in some places because i've used it for far too long at one go. there's a warning for you insulin pump newbies - rotate before it's too late!!

anyway, i'll be sure to let you know how it goes...

where do you put your sets? what's you favorite infusion site?


Jasmine said...

I had been having really similar issues myself! I couldn't explain the highs I was having (or more precisely, I couldn't pinpoint what was causing it among the multitude of possibilities). I've since rotated my sites to my lower back and my thighs with numbers back to normal! Seemed odd to me though. I've only been pumping for 15 months and my abdomen is already worn out?

MO said...

My son is having to use only the upper buttocks right now. As he hits puberty, he is growing so much lean muscle we can't put it anywhere else or we have bent sites or he can feel it rubbing on muscle. I've also been told that the gluten-free diet (he has celiac also) makes for less fat. I'm concerned someday we might not be able to use a pump either and he loves it!

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

my daughter prefers hers on upper thighs and on her bum.

We're still experimenting with my son. Thighs didn't seem to work for him, trying his lower back now.