Monday, November 21, 2011

infusion set failures and sites

hi everyone! hope all is well :)

as i'm sat typing this i have another high sugar level. they've been mostly up for the last few weeks, and it was starting to irritate to the point where i just had had enough and rang my diabetes nurse.

you see, when i got back from Australia, i had perfect numbers. like seriously perfect. i wasn't afraid of my blood glucose testing kit and the numbers it would offer, because i just knew they'd be good.

well, the last few weeks, despite eating right, getting in good exercise, and generally just doing things exactly the same, i've been going up and down like a yoyo, with no other explanation than my infusion sets not working properly - seriously, i've thought through all other logical explanations.

my family were getting annoyed even. "wouldn't it be better if you were on injections?" was a phrase that passed over quite a few lips.

so, i rang my nurse, Mandy, who very wonderfully reassured me that i've been using my abdomen for far too long. i've worn it out basically, and need to find another option, so i can see if it will heal.

she suggested my thighs - and so today, for the first time, i inserted into my upper left thigh! i thought it would hurt loads, but the 6mm Sof-Set seemed to do a pretty good job - apparently i have more flesh there than it feels like i do :)

i made sure to get the tubing under my underwear and to have it facing the right way when i put it in - i avoided that rookie mistake, thanks to tudiabetes, and i hope i won't pull the thing out at any point. so it's sat pretty nicely under my leggings at the moment, whilst i'm sat typing. it seems like it ought to work pretty well, and i'm looking forward to trying it out!

after reading a few forums, it seems like the outer thigh is a good option too, as is the upper abdomen and arms. i've only ever used my upper buttocks and lower abdomen, and i'm pretty sure i've got some seriously bad scar tissue that may not ever heal in some places because i've used it for far too long at one go. there's a warning for you insulin pump newbies - rotate before it's too late!!

anyway, i'll be sure to let you know how it goes...

where do you put your sets? what's you favorite infusion site?

Monday, November 14, 2011

my new cookbook!

hey everyone - it's been a while since my last post, and i guess you might want to know why...

well, i'm now published! i've compiled my favorite diabetic breakfast recipes into one book full of low carb, low gi, balanced and delicious morning meals, called Healthy Breakfast Recipes. this came about through my food blog, not just apples, where i post recipes and my daily eats.

i was getting frustrated with having to go through all my haphazard notes and scribbled down ingredients lists, and so to compile all my favorite breakfasts in one place has made it wonderful for other family and friends to know what to cook for me when i'm round.

though it doesn't have 'diabetic' in the title, it might as well have, because i eat every single one. i wanted to make the book accessible to anyone who was interested in eating better, and starting the day with good food.

some of the recipes from the book are:
  • sweet pumpkin pie cups
  • buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup, bacon and blueberries
  • peach and raspberry pecan crumble
  • granola with almonds and coconut
  • wholewheat cinnamon french toast
  • baked eggs with sundried tomatoes
there are things that i eat every single day, and things that i would only make for a special occasion, like birthdays, sundays or christmas. i hope you like the variation of ingredients, and it should keep things exciting each morning, without being expensive.

when i was younger i ate the same thing for breakfast every single morning - cheerios with semi-skimmed milk. since i turned 16 and started experimenting in the kitchen, breakfast has not been boring at all! i almost know exactly how much to bolus for each of the 70+ recipes now, and love making quick pancakes, bircher muesli or toasted banana bread.

i have incorporated many gluten free options, and everything is low gi, without refined flour or sugar. i believe in natural, whole food, that tastes delicious! each recipe was tested on my brother - my harshest critic, who hates 'healthy' food, so i was guaranteed that everyone will enjoy these recipes :)

i hope to be adding some more breakfast recipe videos to my youtube channel - then you'll be able to see them in action! let me know once you have your copy if there's any in particular you'd like to see...

purchase your copy from:

and please let me know what you think! i hope these will make great christmas presents for friends and family of those with diabetes, as well as being comfortably affordable for you to have a copy on your cookbook shelf at home :)