Tuesday, April 05, 2011

breakfast scramble recipe

the perfect breakfast to start any day - a delicious vegetable and bacon egg scramble with dill and a little cheese. i've been having these fairly frequently at breakfast, but also at lunch and dinner - they are a perfect combination of flavours, and you can adjust them to whatever vegetables, herbs or spices you like - you can even add different meats, cheeses, or fish to the recipe too! all you really need are the eggs 


Jasmine said...

That sounds and looks so good! I think I have to try it.

Thanks for the Tess recommendation! I'll also need to seek that out for when we finish the book :)

Bec said...

I often do a little scramble fry up int he morning. I add mushrooms and tomato, but will give some other vegies and dill a go!
Thanks Alissa. Always good to get different low carb ideas