Thursday, February 11, 2010

chocolate cake that's perfect for diabetics

i never thought i would say this with such happiness and joy, but i ate a quarter of a chocolate cake last night, and had no headaches and awoke with a good sugar level...who would have thought?

well i bet you're wondering how that's physically possible, given i get a headache whenever i eat refined flour or sugar, and there can't possibly be an edible cake that's made without either of those ingredients? well there is!

last night i made black bean chocolate cake...and it is seriously good. it's cheap and easy to make as well. i've posted about it on Not Just Apples, my healthy eating blog. but here's a sneak preview!

according to the recipe it has only about 6g of carboydrates per 1/10th of the cake. wowee - that would mean that the whole cake would have about as much carbohydrate as one slice of regular chocolate cake!


Toucan Scraps said...

I'll have to check that out. SOunds a similar carb ratio to my almond flour chocolate cake, but I could do with a nut free recipe

demotutorial said...

Oh my, it's very tempting. Thanks for sharing!!!!
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