Thursday, November 26, 2009

all over the place

hey everyone!

i've had a few questioned asked me lately, so before I begin chatting to you, i thought i'd just welcome you all to ask questions! please if there's ANYTHING you want to know about diabetes or living with diabetes, please ask me. i am more than happy to answer go ahead and leave a comment on this post, and i'll get to answering them in my next post :)

apart from inviting questions, i thought i would give you an update on where i'm at. i've had some pretty wobbly levels over the past few weeks, which have settled down more, and i seem to be having more lows, especially at night. i've adjusted my basal rates a few times, but it doesn't seem to be perfect yet. i'll do some more fasting days in order to map out my sugar levels over the day.

i'm joining a gym today, in an effort to lose the weight that i have put on since coming back from my RTW trip, and to lose the weight i'll inevitably put on at christmas time! lots of swimming in the next few weeks for me...

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newamanda said...

Hi Allisa,

I had been following your blog closely. Thanks for all the informations that you had shared. Recently, my daughter are having high all over the places as well. That's worry me and my husband. We do asked her to fast to monitor the basal rate and also take measurement to determine if the meal bolus needs to be modiffied. It's not easy for a 9 year old. I believe your mum had went thru that. There are lots of pin hole scars at her insertion sites. I'm wondering if there is anything cream or anything that I can purchase to help to lighten the marks. Do you have any suggestions? We had been applying vitamin E cream (skin repair) and moisturizing cream on her sites presently. Regards, Amanda