Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sugar level tester

My tester broke! the little lancet pinger thingy broke, the spring jumped out. so, i now have to get another one. i have been needing to get another one for ages as a spare, but have never got round to it. so at least i can temporarily fix the thing with cellotape whilst i try and find a new one. (i've emailed my doctor to see if they've got any spares lurking around...)

anyway, i've always had a onetouch, so i went on their website to see which ones they've got. and this is the new one i found, the ultralink. i wonder how it works, and if it does easily or if its complicated.

Perhaps I'll just stick to what i already have, but has broken, it has served me well! Its just so easy to use...

What kind do you use? Any suggestions...

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