Saturday, August 19, 2006

change of insulin pump?

I have had my current insulin pump 'Philip' for almost 6 years now, I have decided that it is in fact time to move on and upgrade. The process is now underway for me to get one of the minimed paradigm's which look like this picture (only I think I am going to get a purple one!).

When I decided that it was time to upgrade it couldn't have been easier. Because I live in the UK and we have the NHS, I was able to go to my nurse at my registered hospital and ask for the funding letters to be sent out to the relevant people. I am still awaiting the results of this letter.

And hopefully once these come back with a positive answer I can begin to explore a new name for my new insulin pump, how about Patrick? If you have any good ideas for names starting with a P please leave me a comment...


Bernard said...


Your picture is a 512. Is that actually the model you'd end up getting, or would you end up with a more current one?

I'm only asking because (as a long-time 512 user) that particular model has certain drawbacks.

Have a look at my most recent blog posting for some of the details.

My hope is that you'd get a 522 pump, which has a lot more useful features.

Arnetta said...

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