Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Diabetes Type 1 - What is this?

I always get confused about what type of diabetes I have, but basically Type 1 Diabetes is insulin-dependent and Type 2 is non insulin-dependent (tablet and diet). If you have type 1 diabetes than you will know all about what this means, but if you are worried about whether you may have it or a friend or you just want to knwo for a research project, then here are a few details:

Diabetes Symptoms
Remember that these will be different for everyone, and you don't have to have all (I have only commented on the ones that I had) of them. If you have any symptoms you should go to your doctor to get yourself checked out, or go to your local pharmacy and get a testing kit.

- Increased thirst
- Increased urination (I was diagnosed with cystitis as this has a similar effect)
- Severe headaches (I was diagnosed with migraines)
- Weight loss for no apparent reason (pictures of me before diagnosis, I look like I have an eating problem)
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Abdominal pain
- Fatigue (I was constantly tired for no apparent reason)
- Absence of menstruation (I did not have mine until I was 17, some might call this a blessing!)

It took my doctors at least a year to realise that I had diabetes and not any other illnesses, as you can tell from above. If you ask for a diabetes test, they can check you really easily and quickily.

When I was diagnosed I was sent straight to my local hospital where they hooked me up to a drip just in case. This was because I was very close to going into a coma (and possibly dying). They took loads of my blood to test, mainly for other infections and diseases. Because of such a late diagnosis the doctors were worried that I would have other complications, but everything has been ok. I was put onto 2 injections a day, one before breakfast and one before sleeping.


tonyclide said...

That is the sad part about diabetes, about 14 millions americans are prone to diabetes undiagnosed and when severe symptoms occur, other complications are hard to control.

Let's hope that more and more americans have themselves diagnosed at early stage.

Adsense Freedom said...

This is a really informative article Alissa!