Saturday, April 22, 2006

Juvenile Diabetes

Welcome to this blog all about juvenile diabetes! I have had diabetes for almost 8 years now, so I should be able to answer most questions that you may have. Currently a student at the University of Winchester, I do not let my life be taken over by diabetes, and certainly strive to make each day better and better!


Adsense Freedom said...

Hi Alissa,
just to let you know that I'm really proud of all that you do and how you don't let your diabetes stop you from doing anything in life!


Arnetta said...
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Ashwin said...

hi ,
just bumped onto ur blog finding for diet info for type 1.I too am diabetic from past 13 years.have gone thru school, university and now working life with it.So i too have pretty much seen how diabeties stops in living peacfully and def the various temptaions

your blog content is really informative.Keep up the gud work